Mailyard combines the convenience of cloud-based storage, with the security and privacy that comes with client-side encryption

One-Click Sync

One-Click Sync

Mailyard captures your raw MIME messages for posterity, as well as Gmail-specific data so you don't lose any data.

Mailyard never gets access to your email because sync is only performed on the client, and your data is encrypted before sending it to our servers.
Coming SoonUniversal Search

Universal Search

We all have multiple mailboxes, so it's reasonable to want to search across all of them. We've got you covered.

Searching through encrypted data without the key is a technical challenge that requires novel solutions. We make use of blind indexing to keep your data safe.
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Mailyard is designed to get all the data that's available so you feel safe purging old emails, or deleting entire mailboxes.

We store your data in Amazon S3 across multiple availability zones to prevent data loss. Your data is encrypted again on Amazon's servers.

Start archiving your emails today

Are you paying to keep multiple inactive mailboxes in your G Suite organization? Or perhaps you want to delete your personal Gmail mailboxes, but don't want to lose easy access to your emails.

Archive with Mailyard.

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